• I get all my fish supplies from this store... This is the ONLY store I buy my stuff from and with its location and all that I get awesome things .... Every time I'm in the store I have a great time and do not want to get my supplies from any where else the staff is knowledgable and friendly and I would not like it if the doors close plz don't close this store we love it I have 3 tanks and 2 are salt one being a big tank and we would not want the store to close.

    TJ Walker
  • There are fish and products here that you won't find anywhere else, and the service is even better than their stock. Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly and they're really willing to work with their customers. They've never minded talking at length on slow days, and have even fixed a light ballast for me at no extra charge (other places were wanting $40+ for those 15 minutes of work). They also have used tanks and stands for sale at a cheaper price.

    Only one other store in the area even comes close to this place for quality and selection. They each have their own specialties and are the best at what they do well, along with catering to the average aquarist's needs. If you're into saltwater setups or need lighting etc for a high-tech freshwater tank, this is the place to go.
    Dev C.
  • The guys at this store are very knowledgeable. They helped me and my buddy get our tanks all set up and answered all the random questions we could think of when we went in. They have an awesome selection of fish and can order almost anything that you want. I highly recommend stopping in if you are going to be starting or already have an aquarium.
    Nathan P.
  • Best place in town to buy fish and supplies. Prices are fair and selection is pretty great. Actually have quite a nice variety of Cichlids which are basically impossible to find around here. The staff has ALWAYS bee welcoming and helpful, one guy even helped me ID a fish I have that I was unsure what it was by looking through pictures of them on my phone. Great place.
    Matt W.
  • This place is hands down, the best aquatic supply store in the Boise area. Bill and Miles are two of the most helpful and knowledgeable people I've ever encountered in any customer service setting, especially if you are in to saltwater tanks. Their selection is unmatched in the area, and there is always a surprising selection of healthy fish and corals in their tanks. I wouldn't spend my money anywhere else.
    Dan M.
  • If you are in to fish definitely Check this place out! Huge room of tanks with a great selection of salt & freshwater fish. They do holiday giveaways some times and also have a large amount of quality fish products that you can't find anywhere else in Boise. Staff is extremely helpful and will help you with stocking your tank and problems if you ask.
    Luke S.
  • Im fresh water fish guy but this place has excellent customer service, Knowing that i wasnt going to buy fish from them the owner was extremely helpful on setting a up my filters for my large tank. Just recently my expensive pump needed some repairs and they where nice enough to lend me a pump while waiting for my parts to repair mine. Which i greatly appreciate and probably saved my sererval hundreds dollars in fish.They have a pretty good fresh water selection but there salt water experts here and thats where this place really shines. I would recommend this to over any pet super store out there.
    Kenneth C.